Manufacturing facility

Opto Centar is one of the leading Croatian manufacturers of all types of contact lenses. Its current leading position on the market is a result of several decades of experience in contact lens manufacture, as well as the continuous investments into new technologies.

Opto Centar was the first in Croatia to introduce an advanced method of contact lens manufacture using CNC machine tools. The assembly for manufacture includes four computerized production lines set in a rigorously controlled environment.

Every lens undergoes a number of stringent inspections. As acknowledgment for their exceptional lens' quality control system Opto Centar has been, the first in Croatia, awarded the CE 0408 and EN ISO 13485:2003 certificates for manufacture and distribution of HARD, RGP and SOFT contact lenses. The certificates were issued by the TÜV Austria.

Our lenses have been recognized for their quality far outside our borders. Contact lenses made in our lab are currently exported to the countries in the region and European countries.

Opto Centar is a member of the European Federation of Contact Lens Industry (EFCLIN).

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